Designer Fashionable Cuffs and Bracelets For Women and Girls Online

Style Yourself With Gold-Plated Designer Cuffs And Bracelets By Zariin

We believe that every woman’s journey with bracelets begins early in her life. Bracelets are the most intimate accessory that women carry as they reveal a part of themselves to the world. At Zariin we present to you mesmerising cuffs and bracelets online that symbolise your journey. We mindfully create designer Indian bangles, cuffs and bracelets to match your vibe and unique personal style, be it with chakras, charms, talismans or beads, we have it all.

Zariin’s array of choices from intricate bracelets to solid cuffs make it the perfect place to buy cuffs and bracelets online in India. Creating bracelets that reflect you, is the experience we strive to bring to you when you are shopping for women cuffs and bracelets online.

Express Yourself with Trendy Cuffs and Bracelets For Women

Our hands emote what our words say and we believe they deserve to be accessorised with perfection. Zariin’s collection of designer bangles, cuffs and bracelets takes you on a journey inward while shopping for bracelets and cuffs online. Bracelets hold high sentimental value to women, and we aspire to be invaluable to you while choosing them.

Whether you want to channel your inner diva with layered stacks of bracelets or add a touch of grace to your saree with a statement bangle, Zariin is here to guide you and offer you an irresistible collection of beautiful cuffs and bracelets for women & girls. Our diverse collection of gold-plated bracelets makes your online cuffs and bracelets shopping immersive and unforgettable.

We believe that bracelets help in altering your style according to your mood, and we hope that our range of bracelets is a treat for all your expressions.

Channel Positivity With Our 22kt Gold-dipped Bracelets embellished with gemstones

Stones have healing properties that make them powerful and attractive. We believe that your instincts play a huge role in choosing your jewellery and whatever stone you feel attracted to could possess the healing powers you need the most.

Zariin is associated with our heavy use of raw & uncut stones, in their most natural states to channel their strongest energies. Our collection of stone bracelets and cuffs are especially curated according to their healing and cleansing properties and are designed in such a way that you would never want to take them off.

Our stones are often clubbed with motifs with meanings such as Evil Eye, hand Of Hamsa and Chakras. At Zariin we take a step forward to make your online bracelets and cuff shopping spiritual and wholesome, while offering you a plethora of options to choose from.

An Online Store For Trendy Cuffs And Bracelets For Women Everywhere

As a global brand, we ship worldwide to make our trendy & designer jewellery available to anyone who connects with it. With 200 stores globally, we serve our customers in 21 countries including the United States (Austin, Texas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Germantown, Seattle, Denver, Houston, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Milton, Michigan, Oakland, Tampa, Greenwich, Brooklyn, Washington), United Kingdom (UK – London, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Castle ford, Leicester, Rodborough, Manchester), Canada, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) and there is worldwide shipping.

Our modern and cultural designs aim to give you the best of both worlds. Zariin creations are meant for women everywhere that want to choose jewellery that feels personal and intimate to them.

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Art Fetish Cuff Bracelet

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Stars of Dreams Bracelet


Link It Up Bracelet

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A Tryst With The Wrist Rose Quartz Fluorite Turquoise Gold Bracelet

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Charm Canvas Stacked Bracelet

USD44.96 USD40.46

Swinging Nest Bangle

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Song of Flutes Bangle

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Rule of Flowers Bangle


Dove Nest Bracelet

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Delicate Darling Bangle

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Dose of Whimsy Haath Phool

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Armour of Style Link Bracelet

USD46.71 USD39.70